Raganova is…

…a multifaceted musical ensemble that bridges future and past with diverse world instrumentation and a touch of the interstellar. Conceived to tastefully intermarry influences from Indian, South American, and contemporary music, this project has two distinct personalities: both an acoustic-transcendent-world-music face, as well as an exotic-modern-dance-beat face. The ensemble is piloted like an auditory spacecraft by Mason Lucas and Zan Moore, and graced by many talented collaborators.

  1. Cool Me Down 5:39
  2. Jaipur Nocturne 4:34
  3. Red Lodge 5:46
  4. The Levant 4:18

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We post all our music on Bandcamp for easy playback and download. Leave no speaker silent, or headphone un-groovy.

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Album Release

Un Solo Pueblo” was released in January 2017. This record showcases Raganova’s more modern side with a tremendous variety of instrumentation fused with both digital and live percussion. The 12 tracks explore a multitude of soundscapes from the mysterious nighttime questioning of “Jaipur Nocturne” to the eclectic charango funk of “Sonic Latitude Adjustment”. Listen to it above, with the playlist on this page.

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